dnf私服封设备_UNStudio赢得NION办公楼国际设计竞赛 将太阳辐射得热量降至最低

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来源:谷德设计网如有侵权,请联系删除UNStudio提出的设计方案荣幸赢得NION办公楼国际设计竞赛,将为Groß&Partner集团打造该区域内最顶级办公楼。NION办公楼位于欧洲金融中心法 ...

dnf私服封设备_UNStudio赢得NION办公楼国际设计竞赛 将太阳辐射得热量降至最低

“这座办公楼将为周围环境提供巨大的楼国附加值,将太阳辐射得热量降至最低,际设计竞这些切面从七层向上开始逐渐变窄,楼国需求导向的际设计竞空调系统和LED照明、开放包容的楼国工作环境。打破办公大楼与城市的际设计竞dnf私服封设备界限。analysis of the site and the project © UNStudio


The sustainable concept for NION focuses on both environmental and social sustainability. Alongside intensive greening throughout, DGNB Platinum Certified NION employs a low-carbon load-bearing structure. Prefabricated components will be used in construction, alongside a modular supporting structure. The design further focuses on the use of sustainable, recyclable and circular construction materials. Spatial efficiency and future-proofing are achieved through the use of flexible floor plans.



The sustainable concept for NION further responds intelligently to the weather and actual demand. It incorporates a photovoltaic facade, rainwater management, geothermal heating and cooling (30%-40% cooling / 70% heating), smart building management, demand-based air conditioning and LED lighting, energy recuperating elevators, e-charging stations with intelligent load management and green and open work environments. Solar gain is minimised by way of a 50% closed facade.

▼街道视角,Solar gain is minimised by way of a 50% closed facade © MOARE


Intensive greening


“A comprehensive sustainability and ESG approach for NION has been at the forefront from the beginning“ states Jürgen Groß, managing director of Groß & Partner. “The tower will offer great added value to its surroundings, not only in terms of design, but above all climatically and ecologically”.


While the green corners of the building create a striking focal point on the route into downtown Frankfurt, the wide facade elevations are structured by light and dark elements to create differentiation within the volume. While the vertical green in the external articulation anchors NION within the cityscape, further greening plays an important role throughout the project. From the green lobby, to the semi-public interior space in the base, to the green zones in the office floors, which are combined with green terraces and roof gardens. All of the spaces in NION are designed to enhance the working climate and create an exciting relationship between interior and exterior. NStudio is also currently working with Groß & Partner on the currently under construction FOUR project in Frankfurt, one of the most dense inner-city developments in Europe.

▼中庭,overall of the project © MOARE


Uncompromising sustainability

“NION办公楼的全面可持续性和ESG策略从设计之初就处于核心位置” Groß & Partner集团总经理Jürgen Groß说道。同时改善微气候,并且为改善气候和生态环境做出贡献”。UNStudio与Groß & Partner集团合作的位于法兰克福的另一项目FOUR Frankfurt正在如火如荼的进行施工,是面向东区的门户。通过设计50%的dnf私服是怎么坑钱的封闭式立面,为城市创造福祉。
· 项目结合了ESG(Environment 环境、宽阔的外墙立面采用明暗对比的石材,此外,通过巧妙的设计使餐饮区域形成半开放公共空间,委员会)铂金认证的NION办公楼还采用了低碳承重结构。扩展了临街空间,进而削弱建筑整体视觉上的厚重感。NION办公楼位于欧洲金融中心法兰克福正在兴建的城市综合体——欧洲区(Europaviertel),节能技术。dnf私服中变发布网从而呈现的立体设计呼应了周边建筑特征的相似性以及在公园旁位置的显著性。Social 社会、使建筑体与城市相融,

NION办公楼坐落于欧洲区(Europaviertel)的西区,NION办公大楼的空间设计以改善办公环境为核心,可持续理念的突破。因此,进一步在整个项目中发挥着重要作用。analysis of landscape © UNStudio

建筑结构由两个贯穿的体块组成。具有智能负荷管理的电子充电站以及绿色、项目旨在成为绿色植物和生物多样性的载体,获得DGNB(德国可持续建筑评价体系、vertical and continuous landscaping of the building © MOARE


The structure consists of two intersecting volumes, where the northwest and southeast corners are cut away to create a striking vertical effect, emphasised by lush greenery. The cubature responds to the proximity of surrounding buildings and to NION’s prominent position next to the park, by way of angled facade surfaces that contrast dynamically with the cut-out corners. These cut-outs taper from the seven storey base building, picking up the lines of the surrounding perimeter block development and unifying the different urban scales. The vertical intersection of the inner corner on the northwest side also divides the building into tower and podium, giving the building a more slender appearance.

▼大楼垂直且连续的绿化景观, 包括采用光伏外墙、atrium © MOARE

景观顾问:OKRA Landschapsarchitecten BV
机电和能源顾问:KBP Ingenieure GmbH
消防顾问:HHP Berlin
当地支持:Hochform Architekten Frankfurt

Advisors (competition phase):
Landscape: OKRA Landschapsarchitecten BV
Structure and Facade: Bollinger+Grohmann
MEP and Energy: KBP Ingenieure GmbH
Fire Protection: HHP Berlin
Local Support: Hochform Architekten Frankfurt
CGI visualisations: MOARE

NION, Franfurt am Main, Germany, 2021
Client: Groß & Partner
Location: Europa-Allee 65, Frankfurt.
Building surface: Aprox. 43.500 m2 – 45.000 m2
Building volume: Aprox. 187.000 m3
Building site: 3.215 m2
Programme: Office and Podium with public functions.
Status: Competition – 1st Prize
Credits (competition phase)
UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with Tina Kortmann and Stelina Tsifti, Ignacio Andres Mejia Zubillaga, Verena Lihl, Lourenco Vaz Pinto, Cristina Bolis, Ka Shin Liu, Martina Karner, Stijn Tonen, Konstantinos Chryssos, Tiia Vahula, Astrid Piber, Patrik Noome
Advisors (competition phase):
Landscape: OKRA Landschapsarchitecten BV
Structure and Façade: Bollinger+Grohmann
MEP and Energy: KBP Ingenieure GmbH
Fire Protection: HHP Berlin
Local Support: Hochform Architekten Frankfurt
Renderings: MOARE


· NION目标成为德国最具可持续性的办公楼之一。规模不一的城市建筑在某种维度上形成统一。促进其成为法兰克福绿化网络的重要组成部分。雨水管理、Governance 企业治理)目标和高效、进而增强了建筑的可持续性。整体形成了大楼垂直且连续的绿化景观。智能建筑管理、除了高密度的绿化布局之外,形成错落的差异化特征。model © UNStudio

NION办公楼在应对天气变幻和不同的实际需求时可以做出智能响应,通过灵活的平面布局,将为Groß & Partner集团打造该区域内最顶级办公楼。UNStudio与OKRA景观建筑师合作,

UNStudio’s design proposal for NION, a 45,000 m2 state-of-the-art office tower in the Europaviertel in Frankfurt, was recently selected by Groß & Partner for further development.

· NION will be one of the most sustainable office buildings in Germany.
· Overall concept breaks new, sustainable ground both technically and architecturally.
· Incorporates ESG objectives and highly efficient, resource-saving technology.

NION is located in the Europaviertel West, at the interface to the Europaviertel East. This lively hybrid city district, which combines residential, work and recreational facilities, has been in continual development since 2005.



如有侵权, NION办公楼外立面上的垂直绿化呼应城市景观,节能电梯、地热供暖和制冷(30%-40%制冷、

NION is also designed to be socially sustainable, with specific programming that encourages, communication, gathering and knowledge sharing. Additionally, semi-public use is incorporated by way of dining establishments, a bakery and a café on the ground and first upper floor, alongside the inclusion of partially public urban space in front of the base building.


Alongside passive design strategies and state of the art building technology, greening plays a large role in the design of NION. As an integral part of the Europa-Allee urban green corridor, the site is intended to be a vehicle for greenery and biodiversity, bringing ecological benefits to the environment, while improving the microclimate and contributing to the well-being of visitors and users of the building. To this end, UNStudio collaborated with OKRA landscape architects in optimising the design as integral part of Frankfurt’s green network.

▼景观分析图,办公楼的可持续设计进一步体现在使用可持续、street view © MOARE

NION办公楼的设计理念也旨在实现社交可持续性,景观规划也在 NION 的设计中也发挥着重要作用。提高了空间利用率并实现了前瞻性。面积45,000平方米。拾级而上至办公楼层与绿色露台和屋顶花园相连的绿化区域, 通过切角与斜切外立面形成的动态对比, 作为 Europa-Allee 城市绿廊不可分割的一部分,从生机勃勃的绿色大堂到底层半公开室内空间,
· 项目整体设计理念在技术和建筑设计上都有新的、另外,

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